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It was one of the most touching moments during Bishop T.D. Jakes’ 2011 Woman Thou Art Loosed conference. His daughter, Sarah Henson, who became a mom at the young age of 14, shared how her father was her rock and biggest champion during such a difficult time in her life. Today, on her blog, the budding writer opened up about the moments leading up to her tear-jerking introduction of Dad Jakes, among the most influential Christian men in the world.

“My parent’s asked me to introduce my father at one of our largest conferences,” wrote Henson. “Not one to be in the limelight but still something in me said yes… I went back and forth with myself struggling to find something nice and short to say before my dad took the stage. One night at three am the words hit me…so I said them in front of 18,000 people, I shared one of the most precious parts of my heart. Things have continued to grow from that point, it’s remarkable what a difference a year makes.”

If you missed the sweet moment, you can watch it on YouTube here.