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In these last days, women and men have availed themselves over to a spirit that has become more and more visible not just in the world but in the church as well. Its the Jezebel spirit, which is relentless and without boundaries. It uses everything in its path and is accusatory with the idea everything it says is LAW!!! The Jezebel spirit masks itself behind the word of God but the lifestyle says otherwise. Pronouncing how God is soooooo good but they drink and smoke and participate in gluttonous acts of sex, food and other activities. The fruit of the Jezebel spirit is nothing of gain though the spirit sells great promises but never brings any of the words spoken to fruition.  The worst of it is like lucifer……they take as many people with them. I have included the link of the Jezebel spirit and I pray that if you are involved with the Jezebel spirit, that you run from it because you cannot save, help or adjust the spirit of Jezebel. I pray this helps you as it has me.