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As we mourn the passing of Whitney Houston, I had to search within me why I have spent so much time weeping and not really being able to process why a life of such rich giftings was haunted in such a way. We all struggle with demons and some of them are so overwhelming and inundating that they tend to put us in a place of solitude and feeling unloved. Some years ago I was in the struggle of my life as I was addicted to crack cocaine. The addiction took me to places I never thought that  would end up. Never having any money, going from job to job,  homeless, without regard to my safety and without family. Many times I wanted to stop doing crack but the high it gave me was stronger than the desire to end my friendship with a heinous and life taking drug. So many nights I wanted to take my life and made several failed attempts……because it was not the ending that God had for me! Though I will not give all the particulars (you have to wait for the book), Today God has helped me to turn it around and the life that I always dreamed of…..GOD MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR IT TO HAPPEN! I am grateful for what God has done but there is still work to do. I am making great strides to reach back and help those that are in the same bondage that I was in. I have included a link that will help you to identify the drug user and what you can do to help. If you have  person that you know needs help…..the first thing you must do is CONFRONT THEM!!!! A deceiver cannot hide once confronted. I have included a link to help you understand the drug user and how to help. The first thing you must remember is DON’T BE AN ENABLER!!! Dont be the one to add to their downward spiral no matter how much you may love them. your love should be a desire to see them change. If you know someone that needs help and you need resources please reach out to me or my staff. You can email me at or if its an extreme emergency then email my distress resources team at I want to help every individual that wants a total change.


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