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A controversial ad in a Metro station is raising eyebrows and has a Virginia congressman demanding its removal. The small, lighted billboard is on the platform at the Clarendon Metro station in Arlington County. It is an ad for an independent, 50-minute movie about President Barack Obama‘s health care initiatives. The billboard essentially expresses the outrage of a California man who has made a film called “Sick and Sicker.” Logan Darrow Clements, who wrote and produced the film, spoke to us from Los Angeles Wednesday night. “It’s meant to say, ‘Hey, wake up!’ We’re not going to tolerate socialized medicine,” Clements explains. “When Obama gets done wrecking destruction on our medical system, our lives are going to be in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians. And to me, that’s profane.”  It is not just the four-letter word, but the four-word sentence that has some people upset. “’Go to hell.’ Those are fighting words,” says Metro rider Laura Turowski. “You use that when someone cuts you off in traffic. That’s not for a debate on health care in our country.”

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Controversial Ad at Clarendon Metro Station Curses President Obama: