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My wife MaLinda had a slogan, keep it moving, which she spoke to everyone.   It was an admonishment about not being lackadaisical, slow or slothful towards any aspect of life.  She wanted people to seize each moment we’re presented with and not wait for the next day or the next opportunity.   She was a big proponent of operating in the NOW, because time – as we know – waits for no man.

MaLinda didn’t realize that she was speaking prophetically, and she is still speaking this truth from the grave.  Keep It Moving is now the slogan used by my church and by my kids – it keeps us focused during the rough times.  It is also a challenge to all of who have faced tragedies and setbacks – no matter what, keep it moving.  This is how we honor loved ones we may have lost, and this is also how we honor ourselves and the lives that we have been blessed to live.

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