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During a recent visit iTunes Meet The Musician series, BeBe Winans gave his thoughts about the arrest of Pastor Creflo Dollar to While speaking with Deborah Roberts of ABC News about his career and new album America America, BeBe Winans shared the joy and challenges of being fatherhood and described parenting as the most rewarding and hardest job in the world.

BeBe Winans told the audience in attendance that he has a son and daughter who are both “my joy” but added that at times his 17-year-old daughter is “ready to be put on eBay.” Since Pastor Creflo Dollar’s arrest reignited the discipline vs. abuse debate, asked BeBe Winans to share his thoughts.

While BeBe Winans acknowledged that he’s disciplined his children and been disciplined, he said, “It’s important not to judge” when asked about the arrest of Creflo Dollar. BeBe Winans added that he knows Creflo Dollar and his wife and stated ”they are lovely people.”

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