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Life is a journey and full of ups and downs that mold us into the people we are.  If you ask your closest friends whether hey are doing what they love and living life to the fullest, what would they say?

If you had to answer the same questions, could you answer loudly that you are fulfilling your destiny and know your purpose in life?  If this is something you ponder on, take time and complete the quiz that Oprah Magazine prepared to help you go deeper into you. Click here to take the quiz.

Now that you have take the quiz  put these two steps into action right now!

Think Positive! Every negative thought that you replay your mind is like an anchor holding you back. Liberate yourself from the negativity. Inside every setback lies an opportunity! Always find the positive in every situation

Be Grateful! Be grateful for your opportunities. Be grateful for right now! Being grateful invites even better things to come into your life. So what are you grateful for? We spend too much energy hating the right-now and wasting precious time.

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