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Here is your Sunday’s Best recap for week 5, episode 5 titled “Stay Encouraged” which brought a choice set of performances from the new crop of “Gospel star hopefuls”. The show kicked off with JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise encouraging the audience to bring the glory.

Kim Burrell coaches each contestant before they perform . Here is what each contestant showcased this week and the judges key critiques.

Michael Lampkin – Michael cane out and did what he does best which is deliver a good sermon praise  song in “Show Me The Way”. The audience jumped to their feet. Kirk gave him cash as an offering.

  • Cece Winans- “You take us with you and we are there.”
  • Donnie McClurkin- “I think you cheated because there are songs you can sing certain songs. You do Sunday all the way.”
  • Yolanda Adams -“You make us want to go with you. We love you”

Jeremy Hill- Jeremy sang “Chasing After You” and gave more and more. He assured the judges that he could give more after he received his critique.

  • Cece Winans- “Ended real string and would like to see you more relaxed.”
  • Donnie McClurkin -“I don’t get a chance to hear the quality of your voice.”
  • Yolanda Adams -“ I enjoyed what you gave, but I want to see more.”

Sara Escamilla  – “I Love The Lord” She gave me the chills. It’s hard to sing a song that is identified with a  songstress like Whitney Houston.

  • Cece Winans – “You are amazing. You have so much anointing”
  • Donnie McClurkin  – “Go to the inner place.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “Start where your heart is.”

Keith Ball -“He’s Able” Keith gavea great delivery to the song and you could see that the stage was often bigger than him.

  • Cece Winans- “You have to be stronger.’
  • Donnie McClurkin -“ You have to let it happen”
  • Yolanda Adams- “You have to show it.”

Joshua Rogers  – “God Has Not Forgot” Kirk says they call him “Young Buck”. The young man delivered a heartfelt song on the stage.

  • Cece Winans – ” If that is getting lost than lose me. You are spectacular.”
  • Donnie McClurkin  -“You have the capacity to be Sunday’s Best. You have it hands down.”
  • Yolanda Adams  – “He killed us at the end.”

Brian Luther- He sang “Walk With Me” and I believed he was on his pilgrim journey. He sang it with a blues tinge and wowed the audience.

  • Cece Winans – “You remained who you were and try something new.”
  • Donnie McClurkin – “I think you have more and you played it safe.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “Stretch…”

Danetra Moore – She took a Vickie Winans song and delivered a strong version “Safe In His Arms”  Kirk supplied her with a chair because he was tired of her being taller than him.

  • Cece Winans –  “You got very pitchy.”
  • Donnie McClurkin – “I think you almost missed this song.”
  • Yolanda Adams- “I love your voice. You started at nice range.”

Ashford Sanders – “Millions Didn’t Make It”. The song recorded by the Winans invokes the power of survival with divine help. Ashford took the song and made it relevant.

  • Cece Winans – “You just sucked us in.”
  • Donnie McClurkin –  “You stayed in one spot and dominated the stage.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “Charisma. You capture us every time you sing.”