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Now the celebrated artist hopes to put her own life on display through a reality TV show called, “Whatever It Takes.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to sustain the momentum of my success as long as I have my dream team,” says Kim Burrell in an extended preview clip, while adorned in a leopard print blazer, red shirt, layered necklaces, and heavy makeup. Her team consists of flamboyant brand manager, Krishnar Lewis, Karen Smith, Kenneth Jackson & the team members of the Manhattan-based PR & Management firm, Lewis Agency.

A sneak preview of “Whatever It Takes” the new reality show forthcoming, starring Kim Burrell, Krishnar Lewis, Karen Smith, Kenneth Jackson & the team members of Manhattan-based PR & Management firm: Lewis Agency. Cameras have been rolling for over a year now, as Kim & Krish make their way through real hardships, real triumphs, real drama, real life, and definitely real love.

Kim Burrell is a world-renowned Gospel singer who’s life is becoming epically vast. Although she’s had her singing career for more than 20 years, she’s just now started a roll-a-coaster of pop culture sensationalism. Her duties as a Pastor/Spiritual Mentor and a budding actress & TV personality keeps her schedule on a non-stop incline. Krishnar Lewis is an entertainer & and industry-entrepreneur. Most notably known as a top male fashion model, Lewis used the platform to extend and showcase his talents in music and television as well.

Burrell started out as a client of Lewis’ firm but the two quickly became great friends and business partners with several ventures.

Want to know how to build a career in the entertainment industry from ground up? Want to see what goes on in the president’s office at top record labels, TV studios, and fashion companies? Interested in how to kill career-threatening drama and horrific plots? Then you won’t want to miss this show!

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