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15th Annual Spirit of Praise - All Artist
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So many times, we as women, face things that keep our minds and hearts occupied to the point that we don’t even know who we are ourselves because we are doing so much for everyone else and we sometimes lose the person of who we really are ourselves.  And many times we become someone that we are not because we are trying to be everything everyone wants us to be, shaping us into being someone we’re not because of false relationships and masqueraded personas. So much so that we have now become someone that we are not because we failed to be that one that God created us to be. Where does this person we created come from?  How did they get here?  Why are they here and what do they want?  I believe I can give some insight on the place and purpose of this imposter.  Just speaking from experience, I can say this “imposter” is derived from the spirit of fear, sporting the mask and the body suit to complete the disguise and unfortunately it becomes our daily wear, like a uniform, and our mindset throughout our lives, if not recognized and put on notice. Let’s just first recognize what fear is.  Fear comes by way of “negativity and false claims” that enter the mind during a weak and vulnerable period in our lives.  It may have also entered one’s life during childhood, that’s when, I believe, fear became introduced to our way of thinking without concious invitation.  The moment someone said “you can’t do that”, “you will never be that good” or “you are not capable of that” is when the journey into the “world of fear” began.   Unfortunately, we tend to cling to every word and don’t guard our hearts, minds and spirits with the right protective gear like a positive mindset, courage, faith and high self-esteem and we then become prisoners to these negative deposits of unfruitful poison. Surprisingly, the one’s closest to us are never really regarded as being hurtful or destructive toward us because if you’ve never been encouraged, esteemed or positively reinforced for the accomplishments, achievements and attempts to do better, be better or have better then how would it ever be known, when you got corrected and disciplined or constructive criticism needed to be implemented.  If you plant a seed in the ground or in a pot and it never receives the proper nourishment needed to grow and flourish then how do you expect it to produce anything and why are you surprised when it starts to wither and die?  Did you think the light was all it needed?  I think not.