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A Brooklyn resident has been charged with racially abusing a black man in a diner after allegedly being pissed by the sight of him eating with two white women, the New York  Daily News reports.


Last November, Nicholas Melo, 34, allegedly accosted 49-year-old Akbar Salahuddin in the Bridgeview Diner in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge.

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When Melo saw the trio eating, he allegedly called the women “n—– loving b—–s.” He reportedly went to the  bathroom and then stabbed Salahuddin in the back and head with a fork as he called “n—–.”

Melo was cuffed in April after being pulled over for “talking on his cell phone, making an illegal u-turn, and driving with a suspended license,” according to the New York Post. He allegedly tried get get out of an arrest by telling cops that he had a job interview to get to, but they didn’t believe him. Melo was arrested and ID’d in a lineup at a local precinct.

He was released on $50,000 bail. A lawyer representing Melo says the incident was provoked by one of the women who his client claims threw a bottle at him.

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