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I have always loved the benefits of rising early; but over the last few months while dealing with sleeping issues, rising early has gone out the window. The longer I would lie there the inevitable result would be increased tiredness. Sitting down together to plan out our morning routine was also essential.Why do I believe rising early is important?

1. The morning hours are your most profitable moments of the day. You are fresh and energized. You can accomplish more in one hour than most people accomplish in an entire day.

2. It takes time to mentally prepare for the day. You have a whole day in front of you.

3. Personal quiet time in the morning can help maintain peace and harmony in the home. I can testify that without my morning devotions, my flesh tends to be more prone to anger and frustration.

It took a moment but I finally wrapped my mind around  a morning routine. Children learn from your behavior.

First, we determined what we wanted to include in our morning routine. For us, this included personal devotions,  shower, get dressed, make breakfast, eat breakfast together. Secondly, we mapped out these activities according to our priorities. Finally, we mapped out the time frame they needed to take place by.

Start small. We were previously waking up by 6:30am. Our new goal was 6:00 am. Rather than jumping into that significant adjustment, we started by waking up 5-15 minutes earlier each day. This way it was manageable adjustment and able to be maintained more effectively. Doing a smaller amount more consistently has been proven to be more successful in developing the habit.

Collect things for your morning routine the night before. Get things set up in advance for your morning routine so you are not blindly hobbling around at 6:00am trying to find things.

I highly recommend and encourage every family to adopt a morning routine. See how smoothly things go.

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