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It’s that time of year when we search out  suggestions for gifts for the parents. Here is a simple in inexpensive list.

For Fathers we have the following gifts:

#5 –GPS for their car. They no longer will have to fear the backseat driver. It also gives them a chance to brag about their new gadget. will have it for a relatively inexpensive cost. Best Buy will also have a discounted section for GPS.

# 4- Desk Top Valet Charger. It will enable all the charging of cell phones,ipods and any other gadget that needs nightly plugging in, as well as resting place for their keys. Prices begin at $49.99 and range up to $140 for the deluxe versions.  Target and Walmart  are carrying wonderful versions of it.

# 3- Gift Certificate to Armour®Fleece Hoodies. They are warm and fashionable. If you log on to you can see a wide variety.

#2 –Digital Camera. This will enable him to have a gadget that will be easily used to enhance his hobbies. He can be the rescuer of the day with a quick snap shot when needed. Target, Best Buy and Walmart have digital cameras on sale by various manufacturers.

# 1- The Coppola Restoration  Gift Collection” It is the red carpet of the Godfather Trilogy. The footage is at its sharpest, cleanest and clearest version of the movie classic.  Scenes have been restored and improved in color and length.

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