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After her parents told her they planned on forcing her to get an abortion, a pregnant Texas teen, identified as R.E.K., filed a lawsuit against them and a judge granted her an injunction for the duration of her pregnancy, reports the NY Daily News.

In addition to her father allegedly telling her that she needed an “ass whoopin’,” the teen alleged that her parents told her of plans to slip an abortion pill in her drink or cancel her health insurance.

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Evan Madison, 16, the unborn child’s father, said that he is relieved by the court’s decision and that he plans on marrying his girlfriend:

“Emotionally and stressfully, it’s been tough,” Madison told local Fox affiliate KRIV-TV. “We’ve had fights and arguments over all of this and what’s going to happen next because her parents are very unpredictable.”

According to the court order, the girl’s parents will give their consent for her to marry the baby’s father, pay for half of her pregnancy-related medical bills until she is wed, and return the use of her car. They also agreed “not to use physical force or psychological coercion” toward the teen in an attempt to make her abort the baby.

“My father wasn’t in my life, and I wasn’t going to be him,” Madison told local ABC affiliate KVUE-TV. “I still today do not know him.”

R.E.K. was represented by the Texas Center for Defense of Life, a pro-life organization, who calls the ruling a victory:

“It’s a victory for life and we’re glad that they stood up for the right to life and our client recognized that her unborn child had a right to live and she wanted to protect that,” said R.E.K.’s lawyer Stephen Casey, and the center’s founder.

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