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This week on our Beauty Spot, Make Up Artist to the stars, Kym Lee shares beauty tips for those of us who are over 40.  As we get older there are certain things that we have to move away from or add to our beauty regimen, so here are a few tips.

1.  Thinning lips:  add lip gloss for plumper lips and stay away from dark color lip sticks.

2.  Stay away from the “cat eye” or too much eye make up:  use a coal eye liner instead of liquid and pull the eye tight while applying.

3.  Stay away from frost eye shadow and stick to the satin finish

4.  Always use primer for your face and primer for your eye lid for a lasting finish.

5.  For dark circles and puffiness, seek out over the counter night creams

Check out the full commentary here:  KYMLEE0402