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A smash-and-grab robbery in Bethesda led to a head-on crash involving a police car in Southeast D.C. Tuesday. The suspects are still on the loose, police say. The incident began when several masked people took control of a Cartier store in the 5400 block of Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda “by their manner and presence,” according to authorities. They smashed a display case, grabbed an unknown number of designer watches and got into a late-model black Dodge Charger. Montgomery County Police followed them, but discontinued the chase after they crossed the D.C. border. At that point, U.S. Capitol Police and then Metropolitan Police picked up the chase of the suspects’ vehicle. One police officer lost control of his cruiser and crashed into a parked truck at Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and Halley Terrace SE. D.C. police confirm that the crash was related to the Bethesda robbery. The officer is in stable condition. No one was reported injured in the store incident, but the manager of the store said a security guard had been “roughed up.” Authorities said the robbers displayed no weapons. Police would not comment on the value of the stolen items.