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As I flipped the page on my virtual calendar this morning, I could not believe the month of May was staring back at me. I thought to myself, “Summer is almost here!”

Images of summer evoke different things for different people.  Some think of lavish vacations.  Others think of enduring the scorching July heat.  But for all parents, summer begs the eternal, must-answer question, “What to do with the kids once school is out?”

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For many moms, finding a good summer program is not an option.  Finding adequate childcare for younger children as well as engaging camps and programs for older children is essential in an economy where employers are rarely sympathetic to parental summer leave. Similarly many stay-at-home moms who may have the option of the kids remaining home all summer are looking for the same exact thing: finding the best way to engage school and homework-free children for three entire months.

Now up until this current year, I have always had that question answered completely by the 1st of March. I painstakingly research every camp, program and summer opportunity in advance; create a summer-long schedule for each of our three boys; cross-reference each of those schedules with our family calendar for vacations, obligations, birthdays, vacation bible school dates, etc.; create a master plan to make sure our summer runs smoothly and happily; mark the first day to register for each activity on my calendar; fill out forms and stand in lines (virtual and electronic); and proceed victoriously to April knowing that the 4th quarter of the academic year has been planned and will be fearlessly executed.

This year – not so much!

Having recently moved, started a new job and just juggling an unusually busy time, I am behind. I feel like a parent shopping for toys on Christmas Eve. I know it’s late, but it’s gotta happen.

So, if you are like me and haven’t gotten all your summer planning done yet, this one’s for you!

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