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The 90-day Challenge will draw upon the internet and social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and email) to connect and provide fatherhood reflection and dissection forums. It will introduce 90 daily, concept explorations and action challenges as well as strategies, tools, and tips for mindset shifts and substantive change.  The Champion Circle of Fathers consist of many prominent fathers/leaders from across the country in the areas of health, mental health, wellness, political and civic leadership, business, education, wealth management, spirituality, activism, and relational healing will offer guiding advice and encouragement. Quality programmatic resources, including films and books as well as links to local and national fatherhood efforts, will be spotlighted and inspiring fatherhood success stories will be featured. A monthly meet-up group and conference call, where fathers can share their strategies, progress and key lessons, will provide additional Pledge support.

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“It’s time that Black men begin to celebrate their positive accomplishments, dissect the challenges, reconnect, and chart new victories; as we identify, rally around, and pass along the next set of powerful, life development keys to each other and the next generation,”says Dr. Thomas A. Gordon, a licensed psychologist, strategic advisor, and corporate leadership expert who is spearheading the 2012 Black Fatherhood Challenge.

Dr. Gordon, a father of 5 adult children and grandfather to 7 is a Harvard University, University of Michigan, and University of Pennsylvania trained psychologist who consults nationwide for university, civic, governmental, and Fortune 500 organizations such as Aetna, Best Buy, Kraft General Foods, Levi Strauss, Pfizer, Siemens, and Subaru of America.

“We are at a critical time for cities, nations, humanity at large and especially Black families and communities. I felt compelled as a concerned father and citizen of the world to contribute in some way to provide men and fathers with a conceptual and practical map or blueprint for substantially improving their lives, families and key relations,” adds Dr. Gordon who is launching the project as an effort to begin to “re-engage and re-invigorate Black men with rigor, compassion, and constructive critique.”

You can find the pledge here.


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