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A 27-year-old mother of two young boys (eight and nine years of age) is being charged with assault after nearly beating a community coach to death for allegedly molesting her sons. “I asked my son, ‘Did he touch you bad, did he touch you down there?’ And my little boy said ‘Yes,’ and I said ‘Was it just you?’ And he said ‘No, he touched some more kids,’” Richmond told a local news station. Richmond’s concerns were heightened when she received a phone call from the head coach of the community football team, located in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday requesting a meeting with the coach who allegedly molested her sons.  As she made her way to the meeting, Richmond spotted the alleged child molester, Coach Red, during her commute. “He was running away,” said Richmond. “I didn’t say anything to him I just blinked out. When I saw him, I saw my kids being hurt, that’s it.” Neighbors saw Richmond chase the coach down the street to a neighbor’s carport and beat the man with a bat. “There was blood splattered all over my carport,” said a neighbor Jackie Woods. “She beat his head open, split his head.“ Richmond says she did call police to report the coach but everything happened quickly.  “I was hoping the police made it to him before I did,” said Richmond. “He was saying he didn’t do it and he was sorry. If you didn’t do it why are you saying you’re sorry? What are you sorry for?” Neighbors don’t believe Richmond should have been taken to jail for beating the coach. “They’re suffering, they toss and turn at night, and they really just ain’t been sleeping because they’ve been scared. They were even scared to tell me. I mean I’m their mom,” stated Richmond. “If I don’t protect them then who will?”