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It’s worth noting that there are lots of superhero characters who grit up well. Batman is one of them: He’s a fundamentally dark character with a dark premise, a man whose humanity has been utterly subsumed by his mission. Grim and gritty are part of the Batman base set. But apply the same formula to Superman, and he stops being Superman in any of the ways that matter. I’m not saying that superheroes—however iconic—are inviolate, or that it’s never worth shaking up an established character’s defining traits, but when you’re rebooting a character as thoroughly embedded in cultural myth and collective consciousness as Superman, the ends have to justify the means.  And the overwhelming impression I get from Man of Steel, the latest cinematic reboot of Superman’s origin story that opens in theaters tomorrow, is that someone, somewhere along the line, thought that the core concept of Superman needed to be souped up: made edgier, darker, grittier, more violent, more explosive. Every change in Man of Steel serves that end rather than the story, or even a plausible reboot of the character and continuity.  Superman is about hope. In the wrong hands, that casts him as bland; in the right hands, it’s a powerful and poignant statement about what heroism can and should mean. Superman’s all about finding—or, in its absence, being—the light in the darkness. He’s the hero the other heroes look up to, not for his superior power set but for his unflagging decency and compassion. And the best, most persistently definitive Superman stories are about his humanity.

On a whole, this is not your fathers Superman and it definitely speaks to a generation that is more into violent content than cinematic substance.  Moreover our new Clark Kent seems more childish in his role as Superman, yelling out his rage every 5 minutes and then flying around as if it adds some dramatic effect to the movie.  Also surprisingly enough, Clarks love interest Lois Lane was supposed to be in the dark on who superman really is. Nonetheless she was not only able to track him down right to where he lives but she also gave herself up to be taken hostage on an alien ship (Really?!?!).  Even with all of the 3d effects Man of Steel was more like the man who wasnt real.

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