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By Lashawnda Becoats

Dear Friends,

Please don’t wish me Happy Father’s Day. I know you mean well but I am a mother not a father. Today is the day we celebrate father’s, grandfather’s, uncles, friends and mentors who are there for their children and other people’s children.

Although at times in my motherhood journey I’ve taken full responsibility of caring for my children, I have not been alone. First, God has kept me and my children from many things and I am grateful.

Second, a father’s love is something no woman can give her child. She just can’t and should never try. Women weren’t created to love like a man. A woman can only love another in the way that God created her heart to love.

Mother’s you should not feel guilty if their/your father wasn’t/or isn’t present. It sucks but you can’t make anyone love you, be there for you or your children if they don’t want to be. As parents all we can do is love and provide for our children in the best way we can. Women if you have guilt learn to let go. Come to a place of peace about the role you have chosen. Take that peace and love yourself and your children even more. You need it and they need it. Be a proud mother because our jobs ain’t easy.

Men please understand that when we give birth to our children we sign up for a lifetime of responsibility to love, nurture and protect that child. Some women understand that while others are still on a journey trying to work through their emotional stuff. Please be patient. Most of us started out loving each other – that’s how those beautiful children got here in the first place. :)

Last, I have been blessed to have a father whom I love and respect. My children have been blessed to have men of value (including their own fathers) in their lives. I honor them.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men we are fortunate enough to keep lovin’ on while they are here and to those who’ve moved on to heaven. We love you.- Peace, Love, Live

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