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After being separated for 24 years, a father and daughter were reunited, only to discover the two had been volunteering at the same exact rescue mission for several months.

Amy Roberson, who was put up for adoption by her birth parents 24 years ago, recently got the courage to call her father Will Russell in hopes of reuniting. ”It took a lot for me to make that phone call — I was really nervous, but it was definitely something I felt like I needed to do,” said Amy. “I called just to tell him that I was his daughter and hoping to meet him and any siblings I had.”

Twenty-four years ago Amy was put up for adoption immediately following her birth. Her father Will says he was not ready for fatherhood at the time, but he always prayed for the day he’d see her again. After returning from a day of volunteering at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, his prayers were answered when he received a call from Amy.


“For me to hear on the other end and she said ‘Please say something.. my heart’s beating through my chest..’ The only thing I could tell her was everything’s going to be okay… everything’s going to be alright,” said Will. The two agreed to meet the next day for breakfast. Will began telling Amy about his life and his work at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

“She said, oh, that’s where I volunteer.” The two had been working at the same time, in different locations, without any idea of their connection. ”It’s never a hopeless situation, if it’s meant to be he’ll make it in his time. God has perfect timing,” said Amy.

Amy says she has a few surprises in store for her dad today as they celebrate their first Father’s Day together.

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