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Alveda King wrote an emotional essay for Charisma. It is filled with thought provoking  points.

Read below:

I believe the verdict in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case further exposes a grievous and deep vein of disharmony and racial tension in our nation that can only be healed when people realize that every human being should be treated with dignity and respect.

A trial like this causes public debate, and people have forgotten what is right anymore. Now Trayvon’s tragic death is obscured and Mr. Zimmerman is a public spectacle. The lines of what is right and what is legal/lawful have also been blurred, and this trial exposes that.

We saw the same scenarios in the O J. trial and the Casey Anthony cases. There was reasonable doubt, no matter how minute the reasonable doubt proves to be. Even more recently, abortionists are butchering women in so-called “legal” yet underregulated facilities where, in many cases, no arrests are being made—with Kermit Gosnell’s case being a recent exception.

In Chicago, where random killings are at an all-time high, a black woman, Tonya Reaves, was recently slaughtered and bled to death for five hours in a Planned Parenthood abortion mill, yet no arrests have been made.

Now, in the wake of Trayvon’s senseless death and Mr. Zimmerman’s acquittal, many people are angry at the tragic loss of life and what some perceive to be a shun on the black race. For the record, Acts 17:26 teaches that there is one blood and one human race, not multiple races, so racism is based on a lie.

Others seem to feel a victory because certain constitutional rights were favorably argued and the question of reasonable doubt prevailed in this case. Yet it is important to also note that Zimmerman’s life is ruined too and that the court of public opinion is not completely on his side.

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