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Author and singer Sheila Walsh kicked off  the two-day Women of Faith conference, which attracted more than 5,000 women on Friday evening at the Verizon Center, with a message aimed at encouraging attendees under the theme,  “Believe God Can Do Anything.” The theme was created with the focus to remind women anything is possible for God  as long as they are willing to hand over control , which Walsh emphasized in her message.  She spoke about the fear that women face in letting go of their problems but encouraged them to solidify their faith in God while shedding their doubt.”There’s not one of us here today that doesn’t want a solid foundation on a stormy day but sometimes we allow our feelings to control what we believe in our hearts to be true,” said Walsh. Broken women often times carry their armor as protection against storms, said Walsh, prompting loud “Amens” and cheers from the crowd. She also explained that same notion triggered her to write her latest book, God Loves Broken People, because many uphold a strong, prideful demeanor while suffering in their own hurt. “Many of you are probably glad it’s dark in here tonight so the sister from your old church won’t see you, although she might see a scarlet letter on you, God sees a  broken heart, one that He died for,” said Walsh. In her message, Walsh admitted she endured seasons of hurt and desperation that made her realize she needed to embrace her shortcomings, and she began to use that as her platform early on in her ministry.