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They were “your boys.”  Everybody knew them.  They had no idea of what it meant to have God’s hand on their lives — until the day He wrenched them out of the “street life.”

The persuasive power of a preacher’s kid, grandson of a praying grandmother and the son of a praying family had innate possibilities although they were leading perilous lives –.  A foundation was laid, but each needed to have a personal experience with God.  Their lives demanded that they choose whom they would serve.  With life and death standing before them, each chose to become a man and put away childish things. They began to study God’s word, and Jesus became as real to them as His message.

Then God gave them the vision for Collage III.  With instant obedience to His voice, a “covenant” was established. God took their different backgrounds and experiences and fused them together into Christ’s offering to the unsaved, encouragement to the believer and restoration to the backslider.

Collage III is not only a church ministry; it is a vehicle to meet people where they are. God didn’t find them in church; He found them in the streets. He removed the fear that bound them, replacing it with strength, determination and a drive to do His will.  Collage III is the story of three young men who said yes to the will of God and chose to follow HIM

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