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Each season Make Up Artist to the stars, Kym Lee tells us to clean the clutter from our make up bags.

#1 First, check to see if your make up should be tossed due to the shelf life.

#2 Lighten your foundation for the winter.  Normally our skin tones are darker in the summer and lighter in winter.  Foundation has an 18 month shelf life.

#3 Its time to toss the mascara it only has a 3 month shelf life.

#4 We tend to wear lighter shades in the summer.  Darken  your lip color forthe season.  It has a 6 to 8 month shelf life.

#5  Don’t forget to clean you make up brushes to avoid infections.  Kym says Palmolive is a great cleaner for make up brushes.

#6   Finally, change your fragrances for the winter.  Fragrances like amber and vanilla scents tend to do well in the cooler months.  Jo Malone is Kym’s favor.

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