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Protesters in D.C. on Monday denounced businesses and restaurants for paying what they consider immoral salaries.

While many of the demonstrators acknowledge they don’t work, one woman said she is a minimum wage earner at a district fast-food restaurant.

“I’m not getting paid enough,” says Janea Jackson. “I can’t even pay rent sometimes.”

The D.C. city council called a hearing on several issues: Raising the standard minimum wage, extending sick leave benefits and raising the minimum wage for tip workers such servers, who say the current 277 an hour is not enough.

“Tips will offset it but wouldn’t you like to get a pay check wouldn’t you like to have something to save,” Bridgette Gilchrist says.

Vonetta Dumas owns a hair salon. She supports raising the minimum wage but just wants the city to be cautious.

She fears too much too fast could hurt her operation and other small businesses by driving customers away.

“We would have to raise the cost and pass it on to the consumer in order to afford the wage,” Dumas says.