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Producers on “The Biggest Loser” are really taking their “Second Chances” theme to heart. 

 Ruben Studdard , the second contestant to be ousted from the show this season returned to the competition on this week’s episode.

This twist revealed, gives the Birmingham resident (and former “American Idol” winner) another shot at the $250,000 grand prize on the NBC reality series.

Studdard, 35, got booted from “The Biggest Loser” during a Halloween-themed episode that aired on Nov. 5. Nothing odd there; he was eliminated after a disappointing weigh-in. The Nov. 12 episode proceeded as usual, focusing on the remaining 13 contestants, until host Alison Sweeney dropped the bomb.
Sweeney said Michaels had broken the rules and given her team caffeine supplements without telling the show’s doctors. As a result, Michaels’ team was slapped with a 4-pound penalty. Bob Harper‘s team kept the immunity it had earned the previous week. And the contestant eliminated last week — Studdard — would be allowed to return to the team led by trainer Dolvett Quince.
Craig Arrington, a member of Michaels’ team, was sent home after the weigh-in. 
Inspite of the initial elimination Ruben is down 104lbs!

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