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It was only in March that we learned of Ahmad Givens‘ battle with stage 4 colon cancer. Givens, who starred in the VH1 hit reality show “Real Chance of Love,” was photographed in a hospital bed and a white gown but was reportedly in good spirits.

His positive attitude must be paying off because the reality TV star took to his Instagram account recently to say he’s doing well and posted the pic above:

NOW LOOK Y’ALL,I don’t do selfy pics,some people do but not me.So I’m only showing y’all this because there are people with cancer who stop working out and just give up.I lost 30 pounds and my muscles collapsed.Now Im working out and gained my muscles back even stronger than before.Working out is a huge part of beating cancer even if your just doing 10 minutes of cardio a day.Some people are older so that’s all they can do.If you plan on lifting weights,lift light with more reps.50 percent of people who workout do a lot better when it comes to beating cancer.Never give up the fight against cancer.You can beat it and so will I.I love you all.

The update is surely encouraging for his most devoted fans who followed him on TV some three years ago. Back in 2008 and 2009, Givens and his his younger brother, Kamal, gained a strong following on the now-defunct dating game series, “Real Chance of Love.”

The brothers were given another reality series on VH1 entitled “Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters.” The second series, which aired in 2010, featured the duo as they searched for mythical creatures. In case you want to keep up with Givens on social media, you can go to his Twitter page which is fairly active.

Right now, Ahmad and his brother host a radio show on “TradioV Los Angeles” called, “Real and Chance” each Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

You can watch his latest show below, where he updates his fans on his health.

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