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On September of last year, 22 year old Kevin Atherly nearly lost his life while trying to assist teens involved in a hit-and-run accident on Addison Road.  Atherly witnessed the car wreck and ran to the vehicle as a good semaritan to make sure the teens were alright. While going to the trunk of his car, he was struck and pinned by another vehicle.  Kevin was then taken to PG Hospital and later airlifted to Baltimore where he was put in ICU where he stayed for almost a month.

Within the past year, Kevin has underdone approximately 15 surgeries.  His left leg was completely crushed.  Doctors had no choice, but to amputate below the knee.  They even feared that they may have to amputate the right leg because it was so badly mangled. But a little over a year later, after months of rehabilitation Kevin is walking again with only one prosthetic leg.  The other was spared.

Despite the past year having been his greatest challenge, Kevin has kept his faith and is determined to overcome his misfortunes. “I am motivated now more than ever before to fulfill my dreams, attain my goals and continue to gain knowledge” says Kevin.  He attends and gives motivational speeches at amputee support groups, and has joined several adapted sports groups which he says helps him to “feel normal”.

Along with the accident came major financial hardships for Kevin.  The person who hit him had a basic insurance liability that only covered a maximum of $50,000.  Kevin’s hospital bills total over $200,000.  He also has a one-year-old son to take care of, and he has been unemployed since the accident…

Kevin remains motivated and maintains that he “Never Lost A Step”!

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