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According to 5/ 7 out of 10 affluent Black Communities in America are found in the state of Maryland.


#10 UNIONVILLE, NY is a middle class predominately Black community in the suburbs of New York City. The average family income is $76,553, which makes the town one of the most flourishing African-American cities in the United States.


#9 HILLCREST, NY is another middle-class Black community in New York. The median family income is $76,960, securing Hillcrest a spot on the list as one of the most prosperous African-American communities in the United States.


#8 FRIENDLY, MD is a upper-middle-class Black community in Prince George’s County, Md.  Landing in at the eighth spot, Friendly’s average family income is $82,827, solidifying its place as an affluent African-American community in the United States.


#7 WOODMORE, MD A suburban community in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Woodmore is an affluent African-American town with a median family income of $103,438.  With a majority population of Black people, Woodmore is one of the wealthiest African-American communities in the United States.

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#6 KETTERING, MD is also a thriving African-American community in Prince George’s County, Md.  The average family income for this town is $107,008.   Kettering has a population of 78.5% Black people, safely landing it on this list of the wealthiest African-American communities in the United States.


#5 FORT WASHINGTON, MD is an upper-middle-class Black community, which borders Washington, D.C.,  just south of the downtown district. It is a prosperous community with a median family income of $114,243.  Extending over 14 square miles, Fort Washington is home to families with children, young professionals and college students. More than a third of residents have a bachelor’s or advanced college degree.


#4 MITCHELLVILLE, MD, too, is a upper-middle-class African-American community in Maryland. The average family income of this town is $118,022.   Residents of Mitchellville take tremendous pride in their friendly community and beautiful homes.   It offers its population access to excellent public schools, which boast high test performance and a graduation rate of more than 80 percent. Most students go on to pursue college degrees, and have easy access to prestigious nearby institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, and the U.S. Naval Academy.


#3 LADERA HEIGHTS, CA is an affluent Black prestigious community in California. The average family income is $132,824. Much of the area’s appeal stems from the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean available from many hillside houses, as well as its proximity to beaches and Hollywood.


#2 BALDWIN HILLS, CA has a median family income of $157,033, which secures it as one of the richest Black communities in the United States.  The community was given the nickname the Black Beverly Hills after African Americans began moving into the area, especially musicians and film actors.


#1 VIEW PARK WINDSOR HILL, CA is an affluent Black community with an average family income of $159,168.  View Park-Windsor Hills are part of a band of districts, from Culver City’s Fox Hills district on the west to the Los Angeles district of Leimert Park.  The area is the single largest geographically middle- and upper-class Black community in the United States.

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