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NOAH We have been blessed to have great biblical stories bought to life on the big screen: Ten Commandments, Passion of the Christ, The Bible, Son of God, to name a few. These movies though entertaining (lets just say it, the Bible is entertaining enough) still kept some integrity in the account. Noah, on the other hand, did no such thing! Touted as the “the least biblical biblical film ever made,” this movie, directed by an self-professed atheist (Darren Aronofsky), was just not realistic and a total fraud. I will say this though, they kept Gods name out, they had to recognize Him as the “Creator”. The movie is great eye candy with all of the pretty CGI entertainment and Russel Crowe’s work was outstanding, as was the rest of the cast. So, if you’re thinking that you are going to get a spiritual experience….YOU WONT!!! But you will get your money’s worth in entertainment….and thats really all Hollywood wants to do.