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A popular Gospel song titled “Every Praise” written by Hezekiah Walker recently became a weapon for a kidnapped 10-year-old boy who refused to stop singing it until his kidnapper was forced to let him go unharmed.

Police reported that earlier this month young Willie Myrick, who was 9-years-old at the time, was kidnapped from his driveway in southwest Atlanta, Ga. He then reportedly dropped little Willie off unharmed in East Point after driving him around for three hours.

“He opened the door and threw me out,” said Willie of his ordeal. “He told me not to tell anyone.”

Willie, however, did not listen to his kidnapper’s orders and his story is moving people of faith throughout the United States.

He explained that after the man, who is still on the loose, grabbed him and threw him in the back of his car he just kept “praising God” with Walker’s “Every Praise,” a song he learned in Sunday school.

While he was singing, Willie said his kidnapper yelled expletives at him.

“He told me, shut up f*** boy,” said Willie. He, however, kept singing until his kidnapper got tired and threw him out ordering him not to reveal what happened.

Willie’s mother said she realized what had happened to her son after he called her from a local woman’s phone and she broke down. Hezekiah Walker, the author and performer of the song, who also preaches at the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in New York, was so touched by Willie’s story, he made a trip to Georgia to see Myrick. Walker told the same ABC affiliate that he believes God spoke through him to save Willie’s life.

 “It’s just emotional to me because you never know who you’re going to touch. I just wanted to hug him and tell him I love him.” Walker said.

The man who kidnapped Myrick, who has yet to be captured, has a $10,000 reward on his head. He’s described as a light skinned man in his mid to late twenties with dreadlocks. He was driving a gray four-door Honda Civic with no interior carpeting and an exposed metal floor.

When Walker flew in, he met with Myrick, his friends, family and the whole congregation at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church for Myrick’s tenth birthday. They all sang the song together as tears rolled down Willie’s cheeks.