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The Bishop of the United House of Prayer for All People, a denomination which stripped its national evangelist of his credentials after he developed prostate cancer, continues to welcome a leading contributor who stole more than $5 million and donated a part of the stolen money to the church, The United House of Prayer is led by Bishop C. M. Bailey, known to tens of thousands of followers as “Sweet Daddy” Bailey, the fourth in a succession of Bishops who are appointed for life and revered in the church as prophets of God.

Rev. Ronald Belton was born into the United House of Prayer for All People in Charlotte,  was active since he was a boy, and spent his whole career preaching for the church, rising within its ranks to national prominence.  But Rev. Belton says after he developed prostate cancer and asked Bishop Bailey for help, Belton claims the Bishop responded, ‘You should have saved you some money’. Rev. Belton says after a lifetime of service to the church, he was “deeply hurt”.

In a lawsuit he filed for wrongful termination, Belton claims the Bishop was jealous of his popularity and had publicly belittled him in front of the congregation.

Although Belton has, in effect, been excommunicated, the United House of Prayer welcomes Ephonia M. Green, of Upper Marlboro, MD, one of the “top 10” contributors to the church, despite her guilty plea to stealing more than $5 million.

Green pled guilty and awaits sentencing on federal charges that she embezzled $5.1 million from her former employer, the Association of American Medical Colleges, a non-profit in Washington, DC.

In a Statement of Offenses filed in the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia on November 23, prosecutors allege that Green laundered the stolen money obtained through a “fraudulent scheme” to pay personal expenses and “make donations to Green’s church”.