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Dozens rallied outside the D.C. General homeless shelter, as activists from community and faith-based groups – along with families who reside there – told us that conditions are less than ideal.

Garris has been here since March. After being placed on disability, she is now priced out of the D.C. rental market – even with subsidies.

“I can only work a certain amount of hours paying minimum wage…and I don’t have the income.”

Others told us that they are also struggling to get out.

“I’m here with me and my two kids — my complaints go unheard, so I don’t complain,” said Stephanie Briggs.

The city has announced a plan to move 500 families out of the the deteriorating shelter ,but so far, fewer than 100 have been relocated. D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham is urging the city to shut it down permanently:

“This place just doesn’t work, and we could spend tens of millions of dollars trying to make it work and it still wouldn’t work…”

But he says he fears that this may not happen.

“The first winter storm, if this is open and there are rooms here available, there will be pressure to fill this shelter again.”