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GeneratiONE Church in Huntersville (NC) is a different concept in worship. It’s being billed as an urban, hip hop church. The intersection of religion and hip hop. Is it right?

Just last year a Winston-Salem (NC) pastor was fired because he attended a Rick Ross concert. The Internet went haywire asking the question is it okay for a pastor to enjoy and support music that is filled with many of the things that the church is trying to correct?

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For Pastor Quinn Rodgers the answer is yes.

“Early hip hop culture was a consciousness,” says Rodgers. “It brought about a social and economic awareness that challenged individuals to examine themselves and change. And when i look at the church we are challenged as Christians to do the same with our walk with Christ.”

Last week Rodgers launched GeneratiONE Church to help reclaim a younger generation in the movement for Christ.

Read more about GeneratiONE’s approach to service and sound off on this topic below.


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