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E8:What do you hope people can learn from your career path?

Adia: There are several things that I want listeners to take away from my career path. I want to show people what real life looks like. I want to show people how real faith works and how music, in its most real and honest form, can help to lighten loads and transform lives. I want people to be honest with their selves and where they are in their life and realize that it is not about perfection but more about progress and submission to the will of God.  From an artistic perspective, I want our generation to be free in their creativity. I want them to be inspired and unashamed to let their light shine however the Lord gives it to them. There are no limits to what we can do! We serve the creator of all things creative.

 E8: What been your greatest lesson in life?

Adia:greatest lesson in my life thus far has been learning how to submit to God’s will for my life. I wasted a lot of time trying to do things my way. In this season, for me personally, I am focused on being in right alignment with God’s will for my life.

E8:Who is your hero and why?

Adia:Grandmother, Ada Mae Crutcher is my hero! My Grandmother is the strongest woman I have ever met. She lived a long hard life but no matter how hard life got she never once lost sight of her faith. I witnessed her live a bold life for Christ everyday of her life, literally until her last breath and for that, she will always be my hero.

E8: What encourages you to get up and go on? 

Adia: we do isn’t an easy task. We put our lives, our time, our hearts, our minds and our souls on display in hopes that our testimonies will aid in saving our generation. The fuel to my fire daily is knowing that God is using my gift for a purpose far beyond me. My service to the Kingdom is exactly that, a service. I am just grateful that he chose me!

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