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Shanesha Taylor, the woman who has captured the attention of much of the nation for leaving her children in a hot car while she interviewed for a job in Scottsdale, said her decision was made in a true moment of desperation. Taylor appeared in an interview with Matt Lauer on Thursday morning on the “Today” show when she said she had to make a choice to provide for her children. Read more.

This Is What James Baldwin Wrote About Israel and Palestine in 1979

In an article that originally appeared in the September 29, 1979 issue of The Nation, James Baldwin wrote that “Jews and Palestinians know of broken promises.” Read more.

My Son Has Been Suspended Five Times. He’s 3

I received a call from my sons’ school in March telling me that my oldest needed to be picked up early. He had been given a one-day suspension because he had thrown a chair. He did not hit anyone, but he could have, the school officials told me. JJ was 4 at the time. Read more.

Pew Study Finds 43 Percent Of Black Americans Support Israel In Mideast Conflict

A survey by the Pew Research Center suggests that the current dispute between Israel and Palestine is drawing the highest level of Western “support” to the region since the 1970s, with 51 percent of Americans sympathizing with Israel. Among those supporting the country are a large portion of the Black and Hispanic populations. The survey, conducted between July 8th and July 14th, sampled 1,805 adults, found that 43 percent of Black Americans sided with Israel. Even though that figure is less than half, only 20 percent sided with the Palestinians, leaving 37 percent opting not to take sides. Only 44 percent of Democrats surveyed express support for Israel, and 41 percent of Hispanic Americans show support for the country over Palestine. Read more.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Will Oppose Controversial Obama Nominee Michael Boggs

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Thursday became the latest Democrat to say he will vote against President Barack Obama’s embattled judicial nominee Michael Boggs. “I feel I must oppose Judge Boggs’ nomination,” Blumenthal told The Huffington Post. Boggs, a Georgia state judge who is up for a lifetime post on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, has been under attack for months from progressive groups and Democratic lawmakers over his socially conservative track record from when he was a state legislator. Among other things, he voted to keep the Confederate insignia on the Georgia flag, to ban same-sex marriage and to require doctors to post online their personal information and the number of abortions they performed. Read more.

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