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There is a shift happening; more and more people of color are waking up and coming out of the mental plantation of liberalism. They are recognizing that liberal causes are not only in opposition to what their deeply rooted morals and values dictate, but overwhelmingly we see the deep destruction that the liberal platforms of fatherlessness, godlessness, and entitlement programs being pushed by the liberals are literally destroying the black community. Black America has the highest incarceration rate, the highest rate of fatherlessness, and the lowest mortality rate of all racial groups in the US. Liberalism and godlessness has run its course for the people of color in the US!

On August 16 in Hershey PA there is a movement starting. It is a movement to turn the nation back to conservative values. It is a call to stand for Biblical Marriage, for pro-life and religious freedoms. It is a multi-cultural, multi-denominational, movement that is taking place in PA. It is a stand against governmental interference with the free exercise of religion. It is the start of a clarion call to restore America to the ideals that have made this the greatest country in the world. It is the united movement to restore America!

We are asking Americans to become a part of the movement; if Americans love this country, and want America to continue to be the beacon of light to the nations, we are inviting them to come and be a part of this awesome movement of restoration and hope. We are asking Americans to get involved in the Unite To Restore America Movement.

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