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Each day I use several products for my skin. I love to use Olay Regenerist regenerating cream cleanser, Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream moisturizer, and L’OCCITANE Verveine Verbena body lotion.

Sometimes I use the cream cleanser at morning and at night. It is refreshing and isn’t harsh on my skin. The moisturizer is very light and last throughout the day. On my body, I love using the Verbena lotion by L’OCCITANE. It allows me to feel moisturized with being oily.

Name 3-5 products you use every day for your hair:

Every day I use a variety of hair care products. Some of my absolute favorites are KeraCare Edge Tamer, Kimble Hair Care’s brazilian nut and acai berry shine serum, and Vonte silkplus designing spray.

When I am wearing my hair flattened or curly, I like my edges to be laid. KeraCare Edge Tamer is great because it isn’t very heavy on my hair and holds it in place for hours. Generally, I use heat on my hair. Vonte’s spray allows me to work and play at the same time. The holding spray will hold curls but is still soft enough for me to make adjustment and changes to my style easily. After styling my hair, I apply my “secret weapon.” Kimble’s shine serum will lay down every fly away and bothersome hair.

What is one beauty secret you have?

One beauty secret I live by is recognizing the power of healthy eating, adequate water intake and rest has on the way hair and skin look and feel. Sometimes oily skin and breakouts are due to our food choices.

Who is your fashion/style icon?

Although, I am inspired by the fashion worn of so many amazing women, love the feel of Kourtney Kardashian’s style. She represents the graceful, chic style of a successful business-woman and mother. Her wardrobe is a mixture of colorful, unique patterns that are edgy, free flowing, and upscale. As a thirty one year old mother of three, I am inspired by Kourtney Kardashian’s ability to use fashion as a tool of expression no matter the season of life she finds herself in.

Who is one celebrity you would like to go shopping with?

If there was one celebrity I would like to go shopping with it would likely be Beyonce. She always has very unique pieces that express her mood and feel. She has a very diverse palette of styles and isn’t afraid to try new looks, colors, or patterns.  I think it would be so much fun to witness her process for selecting items to add to her wardrobe.

What is one accessory every woman should have?

One accessory every woman must have a pair of hot pink pumps. It is the absolute best way to be let your outer woman roar. You can throw them on with anything and own the room. The pop of color pump can be the magic trick for any ensemble growing stale.

Favorite Season for Fashion?

Every though I am born and bred in California, my favorite season for fashion is definitely the fall season. I love to break out my high boots, a chic jacket, and stylish sweatshirts. The fall season reminds me that the holidays are almost here.

What is a fashion trend you cannot live without?

A fashion trend I cannot live without is color blocking. Being able blend three super-saturated hues to make one sharp look is genius. Color blocking helps me expand my creativity and options when selecting clothes to wear. This trend must live on forever.

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