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Preachers of L.A.’s  Pastor Jay Haizlip has a lot to share. For years, celebrity athlete Jay Haizlip rode his sport to new heights of success. But it was more than the rush of adrenaline that kept him soaring. Pastor Jay struggled. Hailing from Alabama  he claims the skateboard as a formative part of his life. It is on the skateboard that he experienced great highs—he is considered a pioneer in the sport of skateboarding—and lows—he was addicted to drugs and struggled to claim his life back.

Hitting rock bottom is what brought Haizlip to God.

When you meet him you are struck by his ability to bring God into the room. No seriously, I am not kidding, or kissing up.  He talks to you  and looks you directly in your eyes and has this warmth about him that is infectious.  You can’t help but be happy about Jesus because Jay brings  the joy  of Christ with him. Real joy.

We talked about season 2’s expectations and ministry.

All season I will be bringing you exclusive snippets from Season 2.

Jay told us a little about this season and revealed a personal detail about  this week’s episode!

Watch what he shared!

I promise you will be hearing more from Jay throughout this season!

The Haizlips, Jay and Christy, demonstrate honesty  and temperance in tackling issues. They reveal the  struggle in balancing their beliefs as Christians with the desire not to ostracize. We will see  them meet a family struggle head on that many of us deal with in our homes.

Make sure to check back with us when we give the recap and lesson for each week’s episode!

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Another place to look is your State Substance Abuse Agency. States often have their own listings, toll-free hotlines, and information about accreditation. You can also ask your doctor or therapist about programs they recommend.

The Haizlips made it! You can make it!  Love is real! You can do it!

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