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A man in Texas has become the first person to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus inside the Unites States.

The Centers For Disease Control have not named the patient, but the agency has said that the person was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian last week.

According to NBC News, the unidentified man left Liberia on September 19 so that he could come out to visit family in the United States. Somehow, he was able to clear a medical check point before getting on the overnight flight because he didn’t exhibit any symptoms. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden told reporters today that the patient had been checked for fever before he was permitted to board the plane and fly out off Liberia.

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The national health official tried to ease fears that the patient’s infection could have spread to others on the flight, which would put countless others in the United States at risk. For now, he said there is no need to worry. “At this point there is zero risk of transmission on the flight. He was checked for fever before getting on the flight,” Tom said. “There is no reason to think that anyone who was on the flight he was on is at any risk.”

He added, “I have no doubt that we will be able to stop this in the United States.”

The agency has acted swiftly on this new case of infection. The CDC has dispatched a team to Dallas so that they can track down anyone who may have come in contact with the patient during the time when he would have been able to transmit Ebola to others.

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It wasn’t until September 24 that the patient began to exhibit symptoms of Ebola, which can appear to be a case of malaria or the flu at first. Two days later, he sought out a doctor for treatment and he was put into isolated care on Sunday, September 28.

Now that he has been diagnosed the state government is doing everything it can to help the CDC and protect the employees at Texas Health Presbyterian.

“The Texas Department of State Health Services is working with the CDC, the local health department and the hospital to investigate the case and help prevent transmission of the disease,” Tom said. “The hospital has implemented infection control measures to help ensure the safety of patients and staff.”


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