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Rapper and outspoken Muslim Lupe Fiasco told his Twitter followers Saturday that he believes Islam will conquer the world and asserted that equality for women is an insignificant issue.

Twitter user @Aubi_chon asked Fiasco if he believes Islam will one day be the world’s religion and will conquer the world. The “Tetseo and Youth” emcee responded simply with “yes.”

The rapper was also asked a question about the equality of women in Islam by user @Nug33ent.

“Lupe. You think women are equal in Islam?” he asked.

Lupe responded with an answer that sparked even more debate.

“Depends. Where are women equal anywhere, though?” he countered.

“In truth, it is a very simplistic MORAL question. Strictly biologically speaking “equality” doesn’t even exist at all,” he asserted.

The back-and-forth led to several debates over morality, equality and the differences between Christianity and Islam. Fiasco compared the condition of women in what he called “secular America” to Saudi Arabia, a predominantly Muslim country.

“Depends on the women … is secular America more advanced morally than say, Saudi Arabia?” he asked.

In an interview Fiasco was asked about his Islamic faith. He said that being a Muslim has helped him to correct the mistakes he’s made over his life.

“We’re human,” he said, when asked about being a Muslim. “We have faults. We make mistakes. That’s what religion is for — to help you correct your mistakes.”

Fiasco has also criticized President Barack Obama in interviews and song lyrics and even went as far as calling him a terrorist.

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