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Black History Month is more than just a time of looking back. It is a time of reflection for us.

Colin Johnson is an inspiring man. He is a man that looks at the world with possibilities and wisdom. Listen to his words! You will be amazed.

The project, like so many of Maya Angelou’s works, was something that came from deep inside of her: Putting music to her spoken word, hoping to deliver important messages about social justice, life, family and love.


Dr. Angelou’s grandson, Colin Johnson, reminisces that music was such a huge part of his grandmother’s life.

“She loved everything, from pop to country and, of course, hip-hop. With her dedication to social activism and how she illuminated the struggles and injustices of the urban experience through prose, there’s a direct correlation to hip-hop today,”She was really excited about her street-wise commentary being presented in this way.”

Consisting of 13 songs, the album is entitled “Caged Bird Songs” and is available now. It came out in late 2014. Colin Johnson is Dr. Angelou’s grandson and founder of Caged Bird Legacy, which aims to continue the life work of Maya Angelou.

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