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Marching to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we were blessed to kick off the day’s journey with the Rev. Herbert Daughtry, a world-renowned Civil Rights warrior who once walked the same route we now travel.

As we passed through the residential areas, we began chanting ‘justice for Brandon Tate-Brown,’ who was shot in the back of the head by Philadelphia police during a traffic stop. Along the way, we gathered and met with Tate-Brown’s best friend Tony Soto, who led us in prayer and surprised us with the presence of Tate-Brown’s mother, Tanya Brown-Dickerson. Her strength, her grace, and her powerful words of wisdom made us march harder and chant stronger. Both joined our movement as we continued to march onward.

Lunch was provided on the beautiful grounds of Harold O. Davis Baptist Church. We took in the sun, lay on the grass, tended to sore muscles, and blistered feet. We sat, talked, and laughed as a family.

Once we reached Philadelphia, we took the streets on with our fellow brothers and sisters in the #FightFor15. The sounds of drums echoed with the hearts and voices of the people of Philadelphia. Justice League NYC joined in with the hundreds who gathered to make their message heard. High energy filled the air as we danced to the #FightFor15 version of the Cupid Shuffle. Philadelphia embraced our movement as we held our Justice Package in hand and Justice League member and marcher Angelo Pinto addressed the crowd.

We ended the day at Al-Hidaya Muslim American Society. Our dinner was blessed by the prayer leaders, as we sat like a family for a holiday meal. Inspired by the elements around us, a few members shared their personal stories of injustice and why they are marching. These stories made us closer and bonded us for life.

I will leave you with one quote, “This uniform we are wearing is soaked in the spirit of our ancestors, we must make them proud.”

– Jennifer Mary Mears/Justice League NYC


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