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Health & Nature Source: Robbie Ann Darby /

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the spring air is calling your name beauties. So in honor of National Earth Day (April 22nd) and the natural beauty of spring, I wanted to share these tips on how nature can naturally improve your health.

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Women aren’t spending enough time outdoors, however just a few hours a week communing with our girl Mother Nature can help us become more relaxed and refreshed. So unleash your inner Girl Scout and let’s reconnect with the great outdoors.

1. It’s Free To Train Outside

Tired of waiting for a treadmill or having to namaste mat to mat week in and week out. Well, ditch the fitness studios and hit up the free gym–the outdoors. Research shows that exercising outside is more satisfying and can burn more calories. Trust, I run much faster when my kinks and can whip freely in the air as opposed to being bundled up under a hoodie. So head to the beach for some beach volleyball, finally learn how to paddle board or take tennis lessons with your boo. Either way, get outside and get sweaty in the sun.

2. Let’s Go Camping

If the last time you went camping, in a tent, was that Girl Scout weekend trip way back when, then you may be overdue for a travel adventure. Don’t worry, camping has become way more glamorous since your kiddo days. You can literally be outdoors 24-7 without having to do any real roughing it as many camp grounds now offer fully furnished safari tents, electricity and hardwood floors.

Speaking of hardwood – if you are not up for a week of hiking and sleeping in the wild, then at least invite nature to your wardrobe. I just love these wood frames from Woodzee. With their mission being to foster a sustainable relationship between style and nature, you will be doing humankind a solid by rocking a pair of their beautifully constructed glasses. The pair shown below are the Alpine Recycled Oak Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses – Brown, so check them out (and many more) on their easy to navigate site.

Health & Nature Source: Robbie Ann Darby /

3. Dine Outside

Whip out the picnic baskets and ditch the kitchen table for some outdoor dining. Nature dining can be fun and easy, so skip the oven and prep (or pick up) several side dishes. Dips, roasted vegetables and festive salads are always fun to share, so grab a few, tote some eco friendly bamboo plates and silverware at take date night to the backyard, or a near by park. Oh and don’t forget the wine.

Many brands are opting for twist off tops and even stackable single serving options. Yes to no dishes post dinner. All the above can also be fashionably toted with PackIt – freezable personal coolers and bags that keeps your food and drinks colder longer. They have a wine bottle bag, picnic bags and so much more!

4. Step Away From Your Desk

Winter had us stuck in doors for far too long, however if your 9 -5 still has you missing out on some daily sunshine then bring the great outdoors indoors. Recent research has found that simply viewing photos of nature can slash your stress levels tremendously, so blow up those photos from your last vacay and display them on your office walls as a reminder of what was and what is to come. Or if you want to take things a step further, trail some dirt inside. House plants or living walls (vertical artsy gardens) can naturally purify air, reduce anxiety and hike up happiness.

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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