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Women eat, contrary to what skeletons like Gwyneth Paltrow or eat-to-live activists like Jada Pinkett Smith say or put on their plates. Despite coveting Beyonce’s killer snatched waist and Kerry Washington’s pronounced collarbone, many women still enjoy a good ol’ greasy, cheesy or deep fried piece of heaven, knowing it won’t lead to anything being lean.

But we’re rejoicing because now, being a foodie is a thing. No longer do women have to hide their love and appreciation of food. We can scream it from the rooftops and still be ladylike!

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Being a foodie is more than just enjoying yummy deliciousness; it’s a lifestyle. Even though Beyonce’s out here revealing to the world that she’s a lettuce-eating, meat-shunning vegan, we’re still in love with food. And speaking of love–not every man appreciates a woman with an appetite, however, a real man loves a woman who loves to eat. Just ask them! They don’t want to see you push asparagus around your plate with your fork. They want to see you pick up that burger and bite into it!

1. Any woman who can shamelessly eat in front of you is confident. Point, blank and the period.

2. You won’t ever have to hear her complain about being on a diet and hating her life because of it.

3. You can take her out to eat and she laughs in the face of salads.

4. There’s always a snack in her purse.

5. There’s always room for dessert. (You know, chocolate syrup, whip cream & such.)

6. She’s more than likely not vegan. (And we all know how annoying that is.)

7. She lets you have your “You Time” because she’s busy doing other things.

8. She’s focused.

9. Really, really focused.

10. If you fight with her, you can make it up to her with food.

11. She knows food brings people together.

 12. Home-cooked meals are always an option.

13. Her ways of celebrating are delicious.

14. She will always feed you, especially if that means she gets to eat too.

15. When you cook, she’s always willing to try your experiments.

Moral of story? Feed your woman and don’t look at her crazy when she’s eating her second lunch.


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