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Cecil, the lion killed in Zimbabwe by the American dentist recently,  has been creating an uproar from many online and offline.  It spurred  a real life, real time retribution plan against the hunter. The hunt for him was so intense he has gone into hiding. It was a violent act. It was heinous in what took place to procure the head of the lion. Yet, it was one more allowance, in our ever violent world.

The lion was a rare black mane lion, one of the last one of the kind, and he was wearing a tracking device around his neck, as wild animal specialists were following his tracks and his moves. Yes, the senseless killing of Cecil was heartbreaking, but it is not the first, nor will it be the last, lion to be killed in Africa. Sorry, I know how everyone is outraged about this. I even understand the consequences of this horrible action. Yet, I want to know why no one is understanding the death of humans in our streets and our wombs.

A young baby was thrown out of a window Friday afternoon in New York City. Crickets…. Police brutality rages through our communities nationwide, but unless someone dies on a street, no one says anything. A young person opens fire at a party because he was not invited. Where is the sense of outrage in our communities when these things happen?

Scripture says in Proverbs:

‘Do not envy a man of violence and do not choose any of his ways.’

No where in there does it say anything about defending one’s turf.

Our families are torn by violence. Our communities are destroyed by violence. Our faith is tested by violence. We have an obligation to respond. Violence — in our homes, our schools and streets, our nation and world — is destroying the lives, dignity and hopes of millions of our sisters and brothers. Fear of violence is paralyzing and polarizing our communities. The celebration of violence is in much of our media, music and video games.  All of it is poisoning our children, our world and our hearts.

I was out on the beach this past weekend, and was struck by the police helicopter flying over head. It was a reminder that I do not live in a safe time that even when trying to relax and enjoy God’s creation of the ocean, sun and sand I needed to be on guard for my safety. We have conceded our world over to the bullies and barbarians that have made it easier to fight for the lives of animals then the decency of our lives.

Where are our priorities?

Minister Farrakhan said in a recent interview the following:

‘The dentist who killed Cecil is in hiding. Darren Wilson is walking! The killer of Trayvon Martin is walking! The killer of Oscar Grant is walking! but the doctor is in hiding over a dead lion!’

Watch his interview:

Our sister Hello Beautiful reflected on this exact topic in their article Are African People A Bigger Threat To Cecil & All Other African Lions Than Foreign Hunters?.

What do you think?

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