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These days, everything (and we do mean everything) is based on branding. From your personal Instagram account to the way you carry yourself in public, there are always eyes watching you and defining you based on what you show to the world.

But before you gulp in fear at the thought of suddenly needing to be an expert in branding, just know that we’ve got you covered. Success Coach and Marketing Mentor, Carolin Soldo shared with us her fool-proof tips on branding. According to Soldo, there is a quick and simple way of looking at it that will allow you to be successful with ease.

“Branding is the key to business success in today’s fast paced business marketplace. Without a well-defined brand, a business will go unnoticed. As a coach to some of the country’s top business owners, I have put together a few reference points to indicate what great branding looks like,” Soldo said.

Check out her four easy tips to branding:


Every business needs a clearly defined brand. Entrepreneurs, especially those who work online, need to invest in branding and become crystal clear on their brand values and promise. Today, customers have hundreds of choices and businesses need to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to choose them over the competitors.


A brand has the power to draw in your ideal clients and make your business irresistible to them. What is required is a Value Proposition that’s based on your ideal client’s unique challenges and desires, which your brand will solve and provide. Branding includes your business’ emotional appeal and brand persona – the type of traits clients associate with the brand and the emotions that are triggered. The best performing brands are those that allow the client to ‘see’ their desires in the brand – the kind of lifestyle, feeling, success, transformation, etc. they dream about. If a brand is built around the owner’s true authentic self and focuses on solving the ideal client’s greatest problems, it’s a recipe for success.


Branding will manifest itself in everything you do in your interactions with the public – in your marketing offline and online, social media, imagery, business cards, flyers, brochures, and beyond. Branding encompasses the entire experience your clients have with your brand, from the beginning of when clients see information about you to when they begin to work with you and experience the kind of service you provide. Branding includes the visual pieces of your website, but also how you speak, present yourself, and engage with your clients.


Consistency is key. The Visual aspects of your brand must be well defined and consistent across channels including color scheme, fonts, themes, and imagery. Furthermore, your brand message including your tagline, title, and brand value proposition are something that need to be consistently included in all of your marketing pieces. Clients will learn to recognize you and trust you when you put your best face forward with your premium brand.

Carolin Soldo is an Online Business and Marketing Coach with an MBA and a background of over 10 years in a high-powered corporate marketing career, Carolin’s Mission is to help passion based women entrepreneurs build their dream business and live a free and abundant lifestyle doing what they love, while making a difference in the world. Based on her own success story as an online health and fitness coach, she teaches business building, brand-identity, and online marketing strategy in her signature program From Passion to Profits™. Most importantly, she gives her clients the confidence they need to be fierce and visible in a really noisy online marketplace. With loving yet bottom-line focused advice, Carolin inspires the health and life coach community and women entrepreneurs around the world to take charge of their success and happiness by boosting their business skills, ridding themselves of limiting beliefs, and living free and abundant lives while making the impact they are here to make.


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