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Donnie Mclurkin

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Last year, about this time we helped to clarify a few cancer stories  that were circulating by going directly to Donnie McClurkin in our story Donnie McClurkin Answers Throat Cancer Rumors.

Well, Donnie has more joyful news to share in this lovely new note he wrote:

1 yr ago, today, I had a vocal surgery that’s left me somewhat vocally challenged…precancerous scar tissue removed and left depression and fear because of my damaged cords and inability to sing as I used to. …but real friends like Shelley Brazley, Lance Williams, Terrell Middleton and a few others were at my side from surgery til recuperation I’m grateful) and real ppl like YOU ALL…who prayed for me and never mentioned how compromised my voice has sounded…BUT ENCOURAGED ME and prayed…and Loved me!!! THANK YOU ALL!

After this long vocal battle , I’m recording at home in a wonderful worship were the glory of God!

See you all in Prayer!

Thanks bishop Jakes, FRED Hammond, Kelly Price, Lance Williams, Terrell Middleton! Yolanda Adams…you and Shirley Caesar and @Zacardicortez jumped in (and my nephew, Kirk Franklin) to help me sing through my struggle… And ALL OF YOU AROUND THE WORLD…it’s great having such a GREAT family

What a wonderful bit of news to share!

God’s mercy has been in abundance in his family. Read Christ’s Hand Saves Andrea And Louis Mellini From Horrible Car Crash  and  see how God’s hand  saved Donnie’s  sister Andrea’s life this summer.

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